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MUMBAI (Reuters) The International Cricket Council (ICC) said on Thursday that all qualifying events for the 2021 Twenty20 World Cup and 50overs version in 2023 that were scheduled to be held before June 30 have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The organisers of the Tulip Trade Event have jointly decided to cancel the event because of the coronavirus. The event was expected to take place from Wednesday to Friday, March 18 20. During the Tulip Trade Event, 13 tulip companies open their doors to a huge number of visitors from near and f.
Experts think bats are the source of the Wuhan coronavirus. At least 4 pandemics have originated in these animals. a relative of the Rhinolophis sinicus bat species from China that was the
Background. An influenza pandemic occurs when a novel virus emerges for which the majority of the population has little or no immunity. Influenza pandemics are facilitated by sustained humantohuman transmission, and the infection spreads worldwide over a relatively short period (2).The first influenza pandemic of the 21st century began in 2009, 2 years after the 2007 strategy for prepandemic
Frances Health Ministry confirmed three cases of the coronavirus: two in Paris and one in Bordeaux. They marked the first reported cases in Europe. Health officials say all three patients have

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